'American Hustle' Trailer: Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence Lead David O. Russell's All-Star Pack

When Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell doesn't like you, boy, you'll know it. But when he really likes you, he'll definitely work with you again. In fact, he'll assemble you and some of his other favorites for a swing-for-the-fences period drama (hey, the 1970's were one hell of a time period) about the Abscam sting operation scandal

The director got The Fighter's Christian Bale (for which he won an Oscar), Amy Adams, Silver Linings Playbook's Jennifer Lawrence (for which she won an Oscar), Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro to team back up for a crime saga about a con artist (Bale) and his partner in crime and love (Adams) who must work with a federal agent (a very curly Cooper) to rat out other con artists, mobsters, politicians, and various other bamboozlers.

The A-list film — which was originally called American Bullshit (can't imagine why that wouldn't go over well with censors) — also stars Jeremy Renner, Louis C.K., and Michael Pena, among others. The first trailer, which despite being almost two minutes long is still a teaser at best, debuted on Good Morning America today and it's a doozy.

Set to the timelessly badass "Good Times, Bad Times" by Led Zeppelin, American Hustle looks like Hollywood's hottest at the peak of their game, and all sporting some seriously outrageous '70s clothing and hair. In fact, Russell may have just had Lawrence borrow Melissa Leo's look in general (big hairs, big nails, big everything) from The Fighter.

Drugs, money, corruption, crime, sex, cursing, screaming, crying, you name it — the first preview for American Hustle is an eye-catching, albeit rapid fire (you'll definitely watch it more than once), glance at what could be this generation's Goodfellas. Or, at least, Long Island's.

Watch the preview for the Oscar-friendly feature here:

Image: Columbia Pictures