That Zumba Pimp Story Finally Gets Its TV Special

It's projects like these that make me very, very jealous. I would've given my left ass cheek (it's the flabby one) to have worked on TLC's special Sex, Lies, and Zumba: More Than a Dance Craze . Chronicling the events surrounding the 2012 bust of a 29-year-old Zumba teacher in Kennebunk, Maine who was accused of running a prostitution ring, the special appears to have interviews with local townspeople and police, all of whom you're sure to fall in love with in two seconds.

It's about time this amazing story got the cable-channel love it so patently deserved. A story about a female pimp in a small, close-knit, very wealthy northeastern town? Come on. The special pretty much writes itself. I can't wait to see how they tell the story of Zumba teacher Alexis Wright and her pimpy ways. For the record, she was sentenced to 10 months in jail back on May 31.

Also thank goodness TLC got to the story before Lifetime did. This is definitely something that better falls under the Learning Channel's purview. Now, had the story been a work of fiction, Lifetime would've been all over it.

The special airs Tuesday, August 6.

Image: Kristina/Fotolia