Proof That There's One Man on Earth Who Actually Reads 'Playboy' For The Articles — PHOTO

It's the age-old, eye roll inducing statement made by many a man: "I just read Playboy for the articles." But this guy seriously does — he has no other option. Point proven: this man reads Playboy in braille. Unless there are braille descriptions of how the centerfold of the month looks, it's highly likely that this guy is just reading the essays.

Believe it or not, Playboy does have very esteemed writers' work in between the pages of the Playboy bunnies and nudity. In fact, back in 1968, the magazine featured work from writers such as Truman Capote, Arthur Miller, and John Updike. There were thoughtful essays, humor pieces, think pieces, and hell, even poetry (there was a translation of a Goethe poem). The magazine used to be something that was seriously read, and not just used as a jerk-off aid. Of course, the magazine does still feature very strong writing, but it's not known for it anymore. People think Playboy and immediately think of exposed lady bits and images of Hugh Hefner lounging in his red robe.

But this guy — who, by the way, is in a nursing home — is from another era. He really just wants to read the articles. You can't accuse him of anything else, really... he's probably a very polite old man who doesn't mean any disrespect at all. He just wants to read.

Image: Imgur