'Gone Girl' Got Rosamund Pike Pregnant

You can expect actress Rosamund Pike to get approximately ten times more famous than she already is in the coming year. She's starring in Gone Girl, out in October, and Rosamund Pike is totally knocked up, which means two things: Major press tour with Ben Affleck for a much-anticipated movie, and endless coverage of the ups and downs of her maternity wear choices on every fashion blog from here to Tom + Lorenzo. It's also bound to get interesting because according to Pike Gone Girl might have played a part in getting her pregnant in the first place.

Pike plays Amy Dunne in the movie, and her workout regimen for the character reportedly got pretty intense. But, like, intense enough to impregnate her? Woah:

"I was in great shape. I’ve never been in such good shape,” she said with a laugh. “I think that’s why I probably got pregnant so quickly.”

Yes, yes, Pike could just be joking around and/or generally hyperbolizing. I ain't no medical doctor, but I'd posit that the respective powers of her and her boyfriend's reproductive systems did most of the heavy lifting when it came to planting a fetus in her belly. But we kind of prefer picturing the sheer willpower of David Fincher's directoral vision overwhelming her womb (with her consent, of course) at the exact moment Pike and her boyfriend were conceiving.

Gone Girl's gonna be a trip.