T-Mobile CEO John Legere Is Still Ranting About Amazon, AT&T, And Rape

T-Mobile is not having a good week. Before publicly (and very problematically) claiming AT&T and Verizon were "raping" customers with their services, T-Mobile CEO John Legere ranted about Amazon's new Fire Phone. The outspoken CEO first took his rants to Twitter on Tuesday before moving on to telling the media herself. And from the looks of it, he hasn't stopped.

On Tuesday, Legere went on a Tweeting frenzy when The Wall Street Journal broke the news that Amazon had an exclusive phone-carrier partnership with AT&T. See, the new Fire Phone will only be supported by the AT&T network, similar to when the iPhone was solely available to AT&T customers.

Legere, for obvious reasons, didn't handle news of this partnership too well. He tweeted directly at Amazon, asking "What happened to hometown pride?" He then railed off several tweets harshly criticizing AT&T and the company's need for exclusivity, bringing up several reminders of the previous iPhone incident.

But, that's not all. On Wednesday, following Amazon's official Fire Phone announcement and Legere's own "Uncarrier" tech event, the T-Mobile CEO summed up the exclusive partnership to CNET in two words: "Fuck them."

As Bustle reported earlier this week, Legere also found himself in hot water Wednesday after he compared cell phone bills to rape during his speech at the T-Mobile "Uncarrier" event.

These high and mighty duopolists [AT&T and Verizon] that are raping you for every penny you have…the fuckers hate you.

Legere later issued a Twitter apology on Thursday for his offensive remarks and "R-rated vocabulary."

This is hardly the first time the unabashed CEO has flashed his "R-rated vocabulary" in public. At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in January, Legere fired off some choice words at his competitors — and even his customers:

  • On rival family plans: "The family plan is one of the biggest evils in this industry. ... Lower prices. That is total horse shit."
  • On T-Mobile's Uncarrier program: "We are either going to take over this whole industry, or these bastards are going to change, and the whole industry is going to shift. I don’t give a goddamn which."
  • On the wireless industry overall: "What a stupid, broken, arrogant industry."

And of course, AT&T has been the target of many Legere rants before. Earlier this year, this is what the T-Mobile CEO had to say about one of his biggest rivals:

AT&T is a total source of amusement for me. They are the ones that take my bullshit. Dumb move. They take the bait.

But this just might be Legere's best quote — it's certainly the most relatable for cell phone users dying for a phone upgrade:

Here's my theory. 'Oh shit' is really an abbreviation for 'Oh shit, I'm tied to a fucking contract and I'm stuck with a toilet phone for two years.
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While not many people can handle Legere's outbursts, his profanity-laced rants certainly do spice up an industry that often takes itself a bit too seriously. Let's just hope that Thursday's apology for his offensive rape comment was sincere — and that he's learned his lesson.