'Game of Thrones' Characters In Da Vinci's Last Supper Is an Image Full of Symbols — PHOTO

It was bound to happen at some point, wasn't it? Given the zealousness of Game of Thrones fans and the popularity of fan art inspired by the series, this recent addition to the canon doesn't even seem that surprising. Someone has drawn a Game of Thrones Last Supper modeled after the famous painting — because, hey, why not paint (er, graphically design) a couple of handfuls of our favorite and least favorite characters in Westeros like they're about to feast on Jesus's last bread and wine?

Let's do some quasi-analysis for a hot second: the drawing is presumably Joffrey's last supper, as he's depicted as still alive in the picture. Obviously, he's not a Christ-like figure in the slightest, but he certainly had the feast of the century — hell, of many centuries — before he succumbed to the poisonous Purple Wedding. Or maybe it's Tyrion's last supper, also at The Purple Wedding, but right before he was accused of murdering Joffrey and sent off to a season in a prisoner's cell. After all, he's the one who sits in Jesus's famous seat.

I'm not one to wax over religious history, but I am one to wax over Game of Thrones, and this picture might make you want to get your art-history-religious-history-Westeros-history cap on in order to dissect it. If you're not into that, you'll still think it's pretty cool. Check it out:

Image: HBO; Imgur