Google Nest Reportedly Buys Dropcam, a Home-Security System — and You Know What That Means

Hot on the heels of the Amazon's privacy nightmare of a phone, Google is reportedly acquiring Dropcam, a home-security company whose bestselling item is a video monitor. Dropcam's products will be folded into Nest Labs (another company bought by Google earlier this year), which makes "smart-home" products, like a thermostat that adjusts automatically as it gets to know the user's habits. Guys, welcome to the future: it's terrifying.

Only a few months ago, Google surprised the tech world by purchasing Titan Aerospace, an aeriel drone manufacturer everyone thought was on Zuckerberg's wish-list. Now, the conglomerate seems to have set its sites closer to home — Dropcam's motto is that "you should be able to drop in on anything, be it your child, your pet or your house, from anywhere." Which is another way of saying: goodbye, privacy.

It's not exactly clear yet how Dropcam — whose security camera is constantly the best selling item of its kind on Amazon — will be incorporated into Google. As it stands, Dropcam is being bought by Nest Lab for a cool $555 million, to become part of its home products. And Nest, at least according to Big Daddy Google, is operating (essentially) on its own; Nest's founder Matt Rogers was quick to remind the tech world of that. Said Rogers, according to TechCrunch:

Whether or not it really does stay independent of Google remains to be seen — after all, it makes sense for Dropcam's cloud feature to merge with Google's cloud feature. Added Rogers, on his own blog:

Hey, maybe people don't care about their privacy so much after all — we're pretty psyched to start using Amazon Fire.