Michael Fassbender Gets An Unattractive Makeover

Michael Fassbender just lost one of his best traits. The actor's good looks are usually a pretty big draw for his films, but the Frank trailer features Michael Fassbender's face covered by a weird looking mask throughout the movie. His titular character — named what else, Frank — is the lead singer in an indie band looking to make it big while his bandmates put up with his eccentric way of living (namely that he won't take the garish head off). In the new U.S. trailer, the band can be seen trying to break into the music scene by playing small venues and posting videos online. (Hey, YouTube worked for Justin Bieber and the masks thing worked for Daft Punk...it can be done.)

Fassbender stars alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal and Domhnall Gleeson (from About Time and Harry Potter). While both co-stars get to keep their normal faces (at one point Gleeson does sport a pretty unsightly beard, but it's still his face), Fassbender wears his mask religiously.

The quirky film is an interesting choice for Fassbender, who was number eight on Empire's list of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. But the decision to play a role where you never see his face is the perfect opportunity for people to also see Fassbender's acting chops. (Someone needs to tell him it's totally unfair for him to be attractive and talented.)

Will Frank and his band make it big? You can find out when the film debuts August 15.

For now, check out the new U.S. trailer below: