'Game Of Thrones' Supercut Compiles Every Insult Between Arya & The Hound — VIDEO

Last week they brought you every vagina in Orange Is the New Black , and this time around the team over at Vulture is bringing you every insult ever exchanged between fave Game Of Thrones bromance Arya and The Hound. Their bond goes deeper than just the promise of a good band name. Spoilers for Game Of Thrones follow.

The Game Of Thrones Season 4 finale was a couple weeks ago now, but it's still got a lot of people mourning the loss — AKA the slow, painful death — of the Hound. At the very least they're likely mourning the great team he and Arya made, throwing insults back and forth while still occasionally protecting and caring about each other. And wow, they insult(ed) each other a lot. Lots of cursing, lots of references to the Hound's stench, lots of talk of bowel movements, lots of threats of violence. He did kill her friend in the first season, after all.

Warning if you're in this video just for the reliving of their beautiful, strange dynamic, though: It goes right up to that scene in the season finale where, you know, she leaves him to die and stuff. And now we're sad alll over again.

Image: HBO