Kanye West Allegedly Installing a Private Hospital Because the Kardashian Empire is Serious Business

I know we make a lot of jokes about the Kardashian Empire being a thing, but apparently it really might soon be a thing. At least, if this latest rumor about Kanye West is true. Apparently, Kanye West is installing an in-house hospital in his mansion, because why should the Kardashian-Wests have to outsource medical care? The news comes from The Daily Star, which could mean that it must be taken with a grain of salt, but we're talking about the family that threw a festival for North West's birthday which included a ferris wheel. It's not like they're pinching pennies.

According to the Star, West is paying £3 million or roughly $5 million on this hospital installation to protect Kim Kardasian and North West from potential medical threats. The hospital will come with everything from a CT scanner to blood-taking facilities as well as enable the family to monitor their sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, the Kardashian-Wests will have a team of private doctors available at all times and a full pediatric team for North West.

Wow. If that seems more than a little excessive to you, apparently you're not alone. Kim Kardashian thinks that West is going a little far. The source claims she believes the whole thing is "paranoid and unnecessary", but is ultimately going along with it. In the first place, I guess she'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. In the second place, I'm sure if we could all afford to have a hospital in our house in case we get sick then we'd probably waste $5 million on it, too.

Still, if they really want to turn their mansion into a self-sufficient empire, then they're going to need to blow their money on a lot more.

  1. A fully stocked grocery-store
  2. A private indoor mall
  3. A Starbucks kiosk
  4. A nightclub that plays more than just West's songs
  5. A second nightclub for when they get bored of the first one
  6. At least three restaurants for when Kim Kardashian doesn't feel like practicing her cooking
  7. A press room in which to host any and all interviews
  8. A private theater that gets all the movies before the rest of the public does
  9. An amusement park in which to keep North West's Kidchella ferris wheel

On second thought, it's quite possible that they might need a bigger house before their empire can truly be considered an empire. At least they can already cross the private hospital off their list.

Image: Tumblr