Jonah Hill's Weight Loss Is Clearly Visible In Side by Side Photo — PHOTO

DAMN, Jonah Hill. You look like a poster child for a weight loss commercial. I'm all for high-fiving someone for making healthy lifestyle choices, but this picture of Jonah Hill before and after his diet change really blows my mind. It'll likely blow yours, too. While you may have grown accustomed to seeing Hill in his newer, sleeker shape, or you may not have noticed the transition because it's been pretty gradual, this will remind you that Hill made some major changes.

Now, let me clarify. This isn't about body shaming or body praising. Hill's size doesn't change his resume (or any of his icky comments, for that matter). Superbad and This Is The End will still make milk come out of my nose from laughing so hard, and homophobic slurs will still make me cringe. Tabloids might balk if he went back to a bigger waist measurement, but not everybody else would — they'd be focusing on his work and his persona. It's just a matter of recognizing that over the course of time, this guy has changed... a lot.

Take a look for yourself and see how Hill has transformed enormously. But it's important to remember that it's not about size — it's about being healthy. I know, I know — it sounds super trite, but when images like this one show up, ya gotta remember that we shouldn't applaud drastic weight loss nor should we condemn it. We should acknowledge that stars are just like us, and their health choices affect them physically, too.

But may I add — he does look like he's auditioning to be in a boy band in that second picture.

Image: Imgur