Pippa Middleton's First T.V. Interview Shows Off Her Surprising Sense of Humor — VIDEO

She speaks! Sister of royalty favorite Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton, has officially given her first TV interview ever . Now the lady known for her behind has finally been given a voice and it turns out she's actually kind of funny. The interview with Today's Matt Lauer which will air in two parts Monday, June 30 and Tuesday July 1. Clearly she has a lot to talk about after being silent for so many years. Fortunately you don't have to wait that long to hear her because NBC has posted a sneak peek of the interview online so you can hear her voice right now.

The younger Middleton sister may not be royalty, but she creates almost as much buzz as them. After she grew to public attention for being Kate's pretty bridesmaid, Pippa launched her writing career with a party planning book and a series of columns for the Daily Telegraph (who have since foolishly fired her). Now Pippa Middleton is participating in a variety of philanthropy events like Race Across America where she rode a bike from one of the country to the other to raise money to "provide education worldwide for children who don’t have schools."

In the Today show teaser clip, Middleton jokes around with Lauer that she had just been in America but now he had to fly 3000 miles to interview her. "Matt, tell Pippa next time she's in town to call," Savannah Guthrie says. "I was on a bike!" Pippa answers, laughing.

It's nice to know that the stuffy stigma attached to the royal family and those close to it doesn't really apply with Pippa, who's much more laid back judging from this interview. Hear her speak for the first time below: