‘At the Devil’s Door’ Trailer Starring Naya Rivera & Ashley Rickards Looks Seriously Terrifying — VIDEO

Ashley Rickards, the super sweet and super cute star of MTV'S Awkward, will scare the ever-loving crap out of you in the trailer for At the Devil's Door. It's another horror film that starts with the premise of pesky real-estate. In the movie, a real-estate agent named Leigh is hired to sell a house for a sweet, suburban couple who have an itty bitty problem — their daughter (Rickards) is totally cuckoo bananas, has possessed convulsions at the top of the stairs and just, like, stares darkly into the mirror in her room for long periods of time. Her parents are all, "We don't know! She ran away with a boy! Then she came back all weird! Sell our house!" Leigh (played by Catalina Sandino Moreno) is like, "Yeah, okay, that sounds fun. Also, I'll help with your demonic daughter."

Leigh's sister is played by Glee star Naya Rivera. The film is both Rickards' and Rivera's first foray into horror movies and they look like they totally, totally kill it. Hopefully that means more of these two TV stars on the big screen, because in the trailer for At the Devil's Door, they look right at home, even though they're way out of their element. While Awkward and Glee are great in their own rights, it's awesome to see Rickards and Rivera branch out to something more sinister and serious. Also, let's face it: horror movies must be SO FUN to make. And as a bonus — this one actually looks scary.

Haley Scott on YouTube