What's The Song In The "Grab A Cold One" Reese's Ad? We Did Some Sleuthing

Reese's newest TV commercial recommends consumers stick the classic peanut butter cups in the fridge and “grab a cold one” (or two). No, Hershey isn't telling you to pair the candy with beer (I mean, you can do that if you want. Nothing wrong with it), nor is the company slinging peanut butter cup-infused brewskis (as far as I know). It’s a PSA: If you’ve yet to partake in the majesty that is a cold Reese’s, perhaps this ad and that bluesy guitar will insp— Wait, what is that crunchy, swampy song in the chilled-Reese’s-are-so-good-they’re-evil ad? It’s “Evil Ways” by guitarist/producer/composer Blues Saraceno.

The track can be found on the Garage Blues compilation album. But! This version of "Evil Ways" is not to be confused with Blues Saraceno's "Evil Ways (Justice Remix)," a song you most certainly know if you're an AJ Styles fan.

So, how'd I figure out which version is in the Reese's ad? Well, "Evil Ways" and "(Justice Remix)" sound nothing alike (the tempo is entirely different), but that didn't stop me from conducting extensive research: 1) I watched the commercial, 2) I googled, 3) I listened to both versions on YouTube, 4) I checked iTunes, and 5) I consulted Shazam.


Image: CommercialLand/YouTube