'Game of Thrones' as an '80s Show Is Just as Incredible as You'd Expect — VIDEO

Practically from the moment Game of Thrones first premiered back in 2011, the parodies began, particularly of the show's long, detailed opening credits. There was the version made by The Simpsons , with the Iron Throne changed to a couch; the one that traded Westeros for Disney movies; that ridiculously detailed College Humor-made video in which the show's credits became a 16-bit RPG. Now, there's another parody to add the list, and it might just be our favorite yet: Game of Thrones 's credits as an '80s style, VHS-ready production.

Although the video itself has been available for about a year, it was recently updated to include Thrones' theme music, and the resulting footage is far better than anyone could've predicted. When paired with the series' famous tune (albeit a corny, '80s-ified version), the grainy, dark clips of the show's characters feel perfectly in tune with the type of pop culture released during that decade. The bright yellow letters, the huge HBO logo, the wear and tear that could only possibly be the result of too-frequent trips into the VCR — it's the '80s version of Game of Thrones we didn't know we wanted.

The video is the second fantastic Thrones credit parody released in recent months, after February's amazing Buffy- style opening sequence. If you didn't catch that one, do yourself a favor and watch it now; a video that expertly done makes it impossible not to want a crossover in which Jon Snow and Sarah Michelle Gellar team up to fight White Walkers and lead the Night's Watch. George R.R. Martin and Joss Whedon, are you listening?

Check out the '80s version of Thrones' credits below:

Mikolaj.Birek on YouTube

And, in case you missed it, the equally-good Buffy edition:

zuziako on YouTube