Kerry Washington Is Vanity Fair's Best Dressed of the Year

Looks like 2013 is Kerry Washington's year. First, she nabbed a Vanity Fair cover. Next, the actress earned her first Emmy nomination for her work in ABC's Scandal . And, if that weren't enough, Washington has just snagged the number one spot in Vanity Fair 's International Best Dressed List, beating out Beyoncé, Jenna Lyons, and Tory Burch. If she weren't the loveliest person alive, we'd sorta hate her.

Admittedly, this appears to be kind of a random choice at first. Sure, Washington always looks great, but is she really the best? However, when you consider what makes someone a worthwhile Best Dressed candidate, Washington more than meets all of the requirements.

What distinguishes the best dressed from the merely well-dressed is a willingness to take sartorial risks and the ability to invoke a mood or emotion through clothing, two things Washington certainly does. The bright pink Miu Miu dress she wore to this year's Academy Awards certainly wasn't playing it safe, but it was one of the more noteworthy and memorable looks of the night. We raise our glasses to you, Ms. Washington. 2013 has certainly been a great year for you, and we have a feeling that it's only just the beginning.