Craving Coffee AND Wine? You Don't Have to Choose

If you’ve ever had to choose between either having coffee or wine (is it weird that I run into this dilemma often?), I have good news. A company called Friends Fun Wine has just invented the world’s first ever drink that combines both coffee and wine, all in one single can. No, you’re not the only one thinking it — that does sound gross!

The drink comes in one red wine variety and one white, called Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino. According to the press release, the first features a “rich flavor of fresh Cabernet grapes, espresso coffee, and a hint of chocolate” while the latter consists of “sweet, refreshing Chardonnay grapes with vanilla cappuccino coffee and smooth hints of chocolate.” It’s unclear how much they cost, but each drink reportedly contains about 6 percent alcohol and is sold in 8.4-ounce slim cans.

OK, I love coffee and I LOVE wine. But mixing the two together? That sounds like a recipe for disaster me. I mean, there’s a reason both drinks are consumed separately and usually at very different hours of the day. Plus, something about the fact that this coffee-flavored wine (or is it wine-flavored coffee?) comes out of a can makes it so much worse. Whiskey in coffee though? That's a combo I can get behind. Just not at work.

I’ll probably pass on trying this one, but I am curious to see how others will react to the taste. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be amazing and in the next five years, we’ll all be mixing wine with our lattes. Personally though, I say you shouldn’t mess with a good thing…or in this case, two good things.

Image: Friends Fun Wine