Is There Too Much Violence At The BET Pre-Parties?

At a pre-party that took place Saturday, June 28, to begin the celebrations for Sunday’s BET Awards, a man was stabbed at Lure Nightclub in Los Angeles, Calif. The man, who is said to be in his 30s, according to Variety, and who has not been named, was stabbed at 8:50 p.m. and suffered with two injuries: a puncture wound and a laceration to the stomach. Although the victim is now in stable condition, the suspect involved in the stabbing of this man has yet to be named.

BET has not yet responded to the matter and it is unknown whether or not BET hosted the pre-party where the man was stabbed. Either way, this is not a good start to the BET Awards, especially after the shooting that also took place at different party on Sunday, leaving one dead and four injured according to the Los Angeles Times.

Unfortunately, it appears these incidents have not been that uncommon in the time surrounding this awards show, after a fight broke out between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy in 2012. Although the violence that took place this year isn’t necessarily directly linked to the awards show itself, it’s clear that a change of some sort needs to be put in place.

Image: BET