'On the Run' Tour Jay-z, Beyonce, and Bieber?

When people are as famous and beloved and successful as Beyonce and husband, Jay-Z, are, they begin to feel comfortable enough to take risks. It seems that their confidence in themselves and their personas are enough to prompt them to do some things that may or may not be considered tactful if perhaps, some less widely known or respected celebrity had done it. Case in point, the two music moguls are making waves in their On the Run Tour together, and it's not just because of their combined musical prowess. Apparently, they have some controversial tricks up their news-making sleeves. First order of business aside from total world domination? Putting on a show that's sure to be burned into the audience's memories forever.

How do the Carters seek to achieve such a lasting impression? They started with the ultimate weapon... Justin Bieber. No, they aren't physically bringing the twenty-year-old Canadian on tour with them (thank god), but they are keeping his spirit with them in other ways. Mainly, through his infamous and popularly photo shopped mug shot. Not that Bieber should feel special about the cameo, though. The couple have included the mug shots of other notorious celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Russel Brand, and even Jay-Z himself. We guess it's apropos considering the implications of the title of the tour, but we're still, admittedly, a little shocked by the inclusions. Not that we don't love that audience members are being reminded of all of Bieber's recent antics. It seemed that the public was forgetting his recent and rampant crimes, but we hadn't.

And it doesn't seem like Hov and Bey have, either.