The Most Boring Exhibitionism Ever

You guys! Two same-sex people kissed! In a seemingly platonic, seemingly exhibitionist way! Is this 2008? Where is Katy Perry? Are her ears burning? Do Britney Spears and Madonna know Courtney Love and Amber Rose kissed and it was approximately five million times less interesting than when the former did it for MTV audiences? Never have touching lips been so dull.

Apparently the BET Awards Sunday were followed by a bunch of Hollywood parties — as is tradition — and one of them included Paris Hilton, Courtney Love, and Amber Rose (all above) heading to the Chateau Marmont for some wealthy funtimes. This sounds about right: I live right down the street from the Chateau Marmont and they wouldn't even let me take a cell phone pic of a painting there once, probably because they were worried I'd catch some B-list celeb doing blow in the background. But the trio did have what Rose captioned a "random yet epic" time Sunday, so good for them.

It's kind of hard to pin down what exactly Love and Rose were looking to accomplish by smooching for the crowds of instagram, though. Validation? Friendship? Props for not shouting "no homo"? Just some one-on-one time with each other's lips? It could just be how they say hello.

And we're all for pushing at the bounds of PDA with your buddies, but the world's also got legit romantic same-sex coules like Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze repping the benefits of lady-kissing, and they have a devotion these two just can't match. I'd say that if the motive for the kiss was exhibitionism that these two would be best rewinding and trying again, but we're writing about it so it might just be a wash.

But here's the pic if you're interested:

Images: Amber Rose/Instagram