Kelly Clarkson Is In Awe of Motherhood

Kelly Clarkson has come a long way since she was the shy girl with the unexpectedly big voice who clenched the coveted title of first American Idol champion. Since then, she's gone on to become a multi-platinum recording artist, has toured the world, and has made quite a lasting impression on, well, just about everyone. (I know I'll never forget "Since U Been Gone.") But, aside from her past successes career-wise, Clarkson's most recent accomplishment is undoubtedly the best one in her eyes. And, surprisingly, it has nothing to do with that angelically beautiful voice of hers. No, Kelly Clarkson's greatest joy is the her little girl, River Rose Blackstock, who was born on June 12. And motherhood as a whole has left her quite literally in awe — of the baby and of herself.

It's endearing that the singer has turned her focus completely to her newborn daughter. Not all celebs are as willing to sacrifice and devote their precious time and energy to a squirming baby that won't even remember that their diaper was changed by their parents or not. But Clarkson doesn't appear to be that way. In fact, the few times she's taken to Twitter since giving birth, she's almost only tweeted about little River. Hilariously, she exulted the joys of motherhood saying, "I still can't believe I made a human." No worries, Kelly. The whole biology thing has us confused, too. And it should be mentioned that she tweeted this over her first glass of wine since getting pregnant, so you know, the lowered alcohol tolerance may have contributed.

Also, if you haven't seen the PRECIOUS first picture she revealed of her baby girl, check it out below and prepare to be in love:

What a beautiful little chub!