Flats That Look Good Enough To Eat

If your flats are looking a bit, well, flat, perhaps it's time for a footwear tune-up with the new London Sole x Tokidoki collaboration. The legendarily classic shoe label has decided to shake things up by creating a line of quirky, anime-inspired, confetti-sprinkled flats to satisfy any sweet tooth — or footwear craving.

Launching in August, the limited-edition line will include idiosyncratic designs ranging from fang-baring cat flats to a pair rendered to look as if it is dripping in icing and sprinkles. This is to say nothing of the adorably adorned anime flats, each rendered in a kaleidoscope of pastel shades.

Tokidoki's signature designs are the perfect union of irreverent and chic, including such delightful oddities as a surly-looking Karl Lagerfeld statuette and a Peggy Guggenheim Cappuccino Vinyl Collection figurines. The 2003-founded brand prides itself on unique, fanciful designs that work as well for children as they do for adults.

London Sole creator Jane Winkworth explained to Women's Wear Daily that the partnership is a lesson in whimsical design:

I love ... the almost-childlike and magical quality of the Japanese-inspired characters, their exploits, their wild colors and their crazy adventures — all of which have become modern-day iconography — and I sincerely hope my designs for the London Sole/Tokidoki collaboration have done justice to this amazing brand.

If you're looking to relive your childhood in a more adult way, London Sole x Tokidoki is the way to go.

Image: London Sole