Snoop Dogg Narrating Animal Footage Is Amazing

If you do anything on the Internet today — apart from loading up this article, holla! — please, please please, I implore you, make it watching this video. You will not be sorry, and I can pretty much guarantee that because it's a scientific fact that Snoop Dogg narrating footage of animals for Jimmy Kimmel Live! can't not be an enjoyable video. It just can't. (If, however, you don't enjoy it, I cannot be held responsible because, hey, I don't know your life.)

Snoop Dogg — who has a history of making videos hilarious and shareable — participated in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! skit last night, which is titled, fittingly, "Plizzanet Earth." Seriously, I cannot think of a better name for a nature show featuring Snoop Dogg as narrator.

You can check out the video below. If you're worried about watching at work, don't worry because it's educational in addition to being entertaining! Just because a rapper is involved, it doesn't mean that you won't learn anything — after all, entertainers narrate educational videos and nature shows all the time. Morgan Freeman, March of the Penguins, anyone? This is basically just like that, except instead of penguins, Snoop Dogg talks about "rams, and elks, and sh**." Same thing.

Image: JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube