What The Casting Call For This Video Looked Like

You might think that Nirvana's classic video for the anthemic song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" didn't take too much effort, as it's basically just the band playing to raucous crowd of teenagers. But the people making the video — namely, director Samuel Bayer — had to actually get real live teens (as opposed to, uh, fake ones) to fill those bleachers. So naturally, he sent out a casting call for the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video, and now, courtesy of Consequence of Sound, we have the opportunity to see what that casting call looked like.

Bayer called for Nirvana fans ages 18 to 25 and requested they come dressed as a stereotypical high school persona. The casting call says, "preppy, punk, nerd, jocks," and says that clothing should be brand name and logo free. Extras were instructed to show up to GMT Studios in California on a Sunday morning in August (which was probably pretty hot and sweaty — maybe that's what teen spirit also smells like.)

The casting call told the teens to prepare themselves to stay for several hours, and rumor has it that those several hours consisted of Nirvana playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" over and over again. But do you think these teens complained? Hell, no. And just think — these teens are now part of a video that has such a legacy — and they got to be a part of that all because of this casting call.

If you got that in the mail, you would have shown up too, right?

Image: Youtube; Imgur