The White House Briefing Room Just Became A World Cup Viewing Party

The White House's James S. Brady Press Briefing Room is normally used by the Press Secretary Josh Earnest to give briefings to the media and President Obama to address the nation on important issues. But on Tuesday, the Briefing Room was turned into a sports bar for a World Cup viewing party. Bloomberg's White House Correspondent Angela Greiling Keane Tweeted a photo of a group of people packed into the very official-looking room doing something totally unofficial: watching Team USA take on Belgium in Brazil.Naturally, some were a little concerned that our country's leaders were just sitting around watching soccer, maybe munching on Fritos, and not working on tax payers' money. Greiling Keane was quick to confirm that the futbol fans were not White House staff. Others poked fun at the sad-looking little TV in what is supposed to be the most powerful house in the country. (It's true; I think my landlord Leonard has a bigger TV in his apartment.) Either way, we think it's pretty great that the White House Briefing Room was repurposed for this occasion. It looks like the World Cup really is the ultimate equalizer. Take a look at the Briefing Room like you've never seen it before, along with some hilarious reactions to the White House-cum-sports bar.