'Full House' Cast Teases Dave Coulier's Wedding Proving the Show's Legend Will Never End

We live in an era in which we've been enabled to constantly look backward, and for that we should be...grateful, probably? We should definitely be grateful right now, with Full House nostalgia cropping up every few months to remind us how happy we should be that John Stamos doesn't have a giant Elvis-wannabe mullet anymore. Most recently, this nostalgia's come in a wave of the Full House cast teasing castmember Dave Coulier's wedding.

The way these people are going at instagram in their excitement for this event kind of reads like an episode of the show in itself. I half expect Stamos to bust out with a "Joey's getting married, you guys!"

Instead Stamos is posting pictures of his happy-looking friend, alongside the caption "This boy is very happy today — know why?" The why is obviously Coulier's wedding to Melissa Bring, which took place July 2 in Montana. And Stamos isn't the only one taking this time to celebrate Coulier: Former DJ Tanner Candace Burgen Bure posted pictures with the cast, too — she even referred to Stamos as "Uncle J" — and former Kimmy Gibbler Andrea Barber posted a picture of the sprawling Montana landscape.

Do you think Stamos will sing "Forever" like he did at Uncle Jesse's wedding?

Instagram: John Stamos/Instagram, Candace Bure/Instagram