'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Wins Holiday Weekend Box Office Despite Disappointing Turnout

Despite the fact that the weekend of July 4 is typically a big weekend for movies, this year's holiday weekend produced fairly low turnout at the movies. According to Box Office Mojo, it was a "quiet" Fourth of July at the box office, with Transformers: Age of Extinction holding the lead with a "subdued" total of $10.6 million in box office ticket sales. As for the rest of the weekend, TIME reports that the film is expected to gross and additional $55 million to $60 million by Sunday, leaving the Melissa McCarthy-starring Tammy in the number two spot. The family film Earth To Echo, new horror release Deliver Us From Evil, and 22 Jump Street are also among the top five box office earners this holiday weekend.

So, what went wrong this holiday weekend? It's hard to say — generally audiences seek to escape the sweltering summer heat and their dad's overdone burgers by cramming into a matinee and catching Hollywood's newest blockbuster release, and the Fourth of July weekend blockbuster is a long-held tradition as much American as mayonnaise-based salads are. However, it's possible that maybe the Big Fourth of July Weekend Blockbuster™ seems to be losing its pop-cultural relevance — as TIME theorizes, this summer, July 4 releases to a lack of recognizable star power, and The Bonus View agrees that there aren't any "major releases" out this Fourth of July weekend to attract audiences.

Fair enough, but I gotta say — in my opinion, Melissa McCarthy is worth wiping the barbecue sauce off your face and heading to the theater to see.

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