Prince George's Astonishing Royal Swaddle Sales Put the Kate Effect To Shame

That popping sound you hear are the thousands of bottles that aden + anais employees are going nuts on in their headquarters. It just so happens that the New York-based baby outfitters were the lucky swaddle-making brand that Kate Middleton and Prince William chose to wrapped little Prince George in when he left the hospital. On view for just 45 seconds, the royal baby swaddle drew so much attention that aden + anais's website crashed twice after they saw over a 1,000 percent increase in traffic. And that's not all.

The AP reports that within nine days of Georgie's appearance in his white swaddle with cute little light green birdies on it, the company received over 7,000 orders for the item, translating to a 600 percent increase in sales.

They've ordered a factory run on 10,000 more of the Jungle Jam swaddle pack of four that baby Georgie made oh-so famous, so if you want to dress your little one in royal garb, all you need is patience, and about $68.

And believe it or not, this huge publicity for aden + anais came as a total surprise to the company. They were unaware that Kate even knew of their brand, let alone would make them world famous in under a minute flat. When the company's CEO was shown a photo of Georgie wrapped in their Jungle Jam, she understandably thought it was a joke and assumed that some crafty employee had used Photoshop to dress up the new prince in their common clothes.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A joke it's not, though, and it's pretty clear that the Kate Effect is still ... effective. Her Topshop dresses have sold out in hours, the J. Brand jeans she wears are hunted down with fervor, even her expensive looks are bought up in mere hours. Looks like the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. In fact, Prince G.A.L. might have done the impossible, and upstaged mom.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Come on, Middleton. You've got 44 seconds to wear something outside the gates and have it spike sales by 601 percent. You're not going to let your son steal your thunder, and your effect, are you?