Taryn Manning's Gap Ad From 2002 Will Make You See Pennsatucky In a Whole New Way — VIDEO

Long, long ago in the early 2000s, when pop music was at its finest, the radio blasted *NSYNC without a trace of irony, and Netflix was known for being a mail-order DVD service, Taryn Manning was in a Gap ad with Marianne Faithfull. That's right — the woman you know as the newly toothed, Bible-thumping meth-head of an inmate at Litchfield on Orange Is the New Black once helped sell khakis. Consider this your "Before They Were Inmates" moment for Manning.

Now we've already addressed that Manning looks and acts nothing like Pennsatucky. Orange Is the New Black has a pretty great makeup team, and the 35-year-old actress is supertalented. Moreover, she's also frequently typecast as the troubled drug-addled young woman, which may get some people confused as to who she really is versus her Litchfield alter ego.

But this video should shake up that notion for you once and for all. Here is Manning in her most wholesome form: singing. In case you didn't know, she's a pretty talented singer. (In addition to acting, she's also a musician in an indie band.) Here, we watch her belt out "I'll Take You There" without a trace of knowledge that, in about a decade, she'd be singing the praises of the Lord while in prison.

Enjoy the flashback!

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Image: Netflix