This Is What Space Mountain Looks Like With The Lights On — PHOTO

Some people just prefer to do it in the dark — whether "it" is sex, first dates, eating, or roller coasters. A lack of light just heightens the experience, you know? Everything is so much more exciting because you don't know what's coming next. In fact, the absence of light is so important, that the lyrically minded men of the maligned boy band 5ive wrote a song entirely dedicated to it, appropriately titled "When the Lights Go Out." But what about when the lights go on? And more specifically, what does Space Mountain at Disney World look like with the lights on?

Well, let's put it this way: Shit gets real when the lights go on. The magic, love, and excitement is gone. This is not the Magic Kingdom that you thought you knew. Perhaps this is why 5ive wrote a song dedicated to the dark — perhaps they feared that when they were exposed in broad daylight that someone would discover that they were just metal shells of the thrilling men that they presented themselves to be. Bottom line? Space Mountain is better in the dark.

That said, while riding Space Mountain with the lights on may not be the space adventure that you sought out initially (light definitely makes the ride less space-y), it is pretty cool to see what the ride actually looks like. It's a metal world of physics! And to be fair, if someone sold this roller coaster as "Metal Factory Contraption Death Mountain," it might even be equally as enjoyable and scary of a ride.

But you just can't call it "Space Mountain" if the lights are off.

Image: Imgur