White Sox Game Looks A Lot Like KKK Rally, Thanks to Awkwardly Designed Ponchos — PHOTOS

A rainy forecast inadvertently turned a friendly game of baseball into... what looked like a KKK rally. The Chicago White Sox thanked their fans for coming out and supporting their favorite team in the rain by handing out ponchos in the team's signature color — white, obviously. Unfortunately, that little token of appreciation failed monumentally because the White Sox ponchos made said fans look a bit like KKK members. Good job, guys.

The rain came down last Wednesday, as the White Sox faced off against the Los Angeles Angels in the finale of a three-game set. The game resulted in a 3-2 victory for the White Sox, proving that they excel at baseball. However, the design of the ponchos they gave away to dozens of fans proves that they do not excel in apparel design, or preventing your fans from resembling crazy racists.

I get it — the ponchos had to be white. It wouldn't make sense to make White Sox-branded gear in any other color. But did they have to have pointy hoods too? Maybe the White Sox logo could have been printed more prominently, perhaps repeatedly in a pattern? My guess is that approving free ponchos is pretty low on the list of priorities, so whoever was in charge of the giveaway either gave it the OK without looking or they examined the items one at a time, not having the foresight to realize that when hundreds of fans put these on together, it's no longer a fight against inclement weather, but a fight for white power.

Either way, someone probably got chewed out pretty bad for this one. Take a look at the hot mess for yourself.

It seriously looks like a KKK rally is just casually happening in the stands.

Oh, no.

The pointy hoods are just so unfortunate. Can we just never combine white and pointy in any kind of apparel design, ever?

Apparently, the fans themselves couldn't tell how ridiculous (and racist) they looked.

All in all, a fail of epic proportions.

Image: Mike Vincent Popelas/Twitter