College Humor's 'Honest Women's Chocolate Commercial' Mocks Ridiculous Food Shaming

Food commercials may not generally be known for their originality, but the ones targeted at women these days seem to be taking things to a new low. Between the close-up shots of a lady moaning in ecstasy after biting into a chocolate-drizzled cereal bar and the voiceovers that encourage us to “indulge” a little after a long, hard week, it’s very clear that food companies are selling the idea that eating decadent food is naughty and that buying their products will be your dirty little secret. Just in case you needed more proof though, College Humor has created an Honest Women’s Chocolate Commercial mimicking the absurd shaming techniques that seem be advertisers’ method of operation as of late…and let’s just say, it’s hilariously on point.

The commercial starts off showing women working at their office desks and attending a yoga class, with a seductive-sounding voiceover (seriously, who sounds like that?) assuring them, “You work hard, you deserve a little indulgence.” But this being a parody and all, there’s only one way for the featured group of ladies to properly indulge: with an entire box of Yodels, of course.

Cue the absurd shots of the women making orgasm faces as they stuff themselves with chocolate-y delight after chocolate-y delight, while the narrator continues to push contradictory messages, like “Eating is unfeminine. You should feel guilty about it. But also sexually aroused by it. You should also feel guilty about your sexuality."

Like I said, on point. If only the food companies out there would watch this and take the hint.

Image: College Humor