What's That Song In The T-Mobile Ad?

What’s that, T-Mobile? You say T-Mobile customers can stream as much music as they want and not worry about data charges? Sounds pretty awesome. Do you know what else sounds pretty awesome? That fuzzy, buzzy jam in the T-Mobile TV spot. Don’t let the imagery in the ad lead you astray: It’s not a Blondie song, nor is it a Sex Pistols song. A quick Shazam will give you the droid, er, results you're looking for: It's “Walk of Shame” by Los Angeles-based duo Deap Vally.

Deap Vally makes super cool music and has a super cool aesthetic, but the band's unconventional origin story is pushes its coolness quotient over the edge: The bluesy garage-rock duo was not born in a garage, but in a knitting shop.

Singer/guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards first crossed paths in Edwards's crocheting class. (Edwards owns The Little Knittery, the all things knitting store where they met.) In a 2013 interview with Glamour UK, Troy said she and her crocheting teacher immediately clicked. You might even say they were hooked. (As if I would ever waste an opportunity to break out a corny crochet/knit pun.) Troy "kept popping into the shop to visit [Edwards] and before long we had a band together!"

They joined musical forces in 2011, dropped their single "Gonna Make My Own Money" in 2012, and released their debut album Sistrionix (which includes ad song "Walk of Shame") in 2013.

Stitch, er, rock on.

Image: Funny Commercials/YouTube