What's That "Dream"-y Song In That iPhone Ad?

Well, I'll be! The iPhone isn’t just a personal trainer or a means to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for days on end. The Apple mobile device contains many a multitude: According to a new ad, the iPhone 5s can also help with the rearing of your child! To think there was ever a time the most exciting feature on a cell phone (aside from it being a mobile telephone, that is) was the game Snake. Oh, how far we’ve come. In the aforementioned TV spot, parents and children use different iPhone apps for parent/child things and, as I've come to expect from Apple commercials, all of it is accompanied by an ear-catching song. This time around, it's Julie Doiron's delightful and sweet tune “Life of Dreams".

Doiron is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and, according to her Twitter bio, “general roustabout.” Wait, what’s that now? According to Merriam-Webster, a roustabout is “a worker in an oil field, at a circus, etc., whose job requires strength but little skill.” Oh. Huh. That's a fun word. Don't mind me as I put it in my back pocket.

You can find “Life of Dreams” on Doiron’s 2009 album I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day.

Here's the song in full:

Yes, it's only one minute and 37 seconds long, but that doesn't make it any less lovely of a way to spend one minute and 37 seconds of your day!

Image: Apple/YouTube