11-Year-Old Shakira Was Already Singing, Dancing, & Bringing The House Down — VIDEO

International singer/songwriter/humanitarian/Voice coach Shakira was signed by Sony Music Colombia when she was just 13 years old, but before she nabbed that recording contract (and long before she became the world-renowned icon she is today), she paid her pop star dues in school auditoriums. And yes, there is fabulous evidence: A 15-minute video of 11-year-old Shakira singing and dancing at a talent competition hit YouTube on Sunday. The video may be from 1988 (love me some old school camcorder timestamps), but Shakira is timeless. Shak at age 11 in a beret and suspenders is cooler than I'll ever be.

In the first two thirds of the video, Shak belts two songs and comfortably struts around the stage. The confidence is strong with that one. As it should be: She was (and is) amazing. After both songs, the crowd loses its collective marbles.

And then, there's the final third of the video. In said third, she sings and BELLY DANCES. Uh, spoiler alert: Shak crushes it. Not only does she crush it, but she also manages to dodge and dance around the pesky cord of the mic. The moment she strikes her final pose, the crowd once again loses its collective marbles.

Enough outta me, just watch it:

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