Stash is the Beauty App You'll Actually Use

Style and shopping apps are the bane of every modern fashionista's existence. Sure that virtual closet app seemed necessary at the time of purchase, as did the one that's basically Tinder for online shopping, and the one that lets you share your outfits with your friends... but how often do you really use any of them? My guess is almost never. But a new beauty app called Stash might be a game changer. The program is akin to having a personal assistant who's only job is to keep track of when you're running out of your favorite products and find the best prices once you need to restock.

Founded by MIT alum Sid Henderson and former Vogue staffer Veronica Gledhill, Stash is designed to take the guesswork out of shopping for makeup and other personal items. Skip the drugstore line and instead curate a list of products you love or want to try and allow Stash to do the comparison shopping. Automatic re-ordering is also easy with Stash. Here's how that works, according to TechCrunch:

Stash tracks how often you order a product, like shampoo, in order to determine when it should be added to your cart again. But the final step in the checkout process — actually completing the transaction — is up to you to approve. When you do, the order processes right within Stash itself. And shipping on orders of $25 and more is free.

Certainly easier than pulling out a crumpled paper list at Duane Reade. Stash also provides customers with recommendations, complete with a list of editorial publications who have endorsed each product so you can see if the editors at Vogue are down with your face wash selection. Now I just need an app that sends my outfit selfies to Anna Wintour's inbox for approval.

Stash is currently available on the iTunes App Store for the price of all the best things in life: Free!

Image: Stash Beauty