Germany Won, But Rodrigo Palacio Rattail Memes Deserve a World Cup Trophy, Too

Who won the World Cup? Well, after a tense but scoreless game that went into two periods of extra time, Germany's Mario Götze pulled out a goal in the 113th minute to bring the score to 1-0 over Argentina. It was Germany's first World Cup win since 1990. But the real winner of the Cup was Argentina's Rodrigo Palacio, whose rattail memes became the star of the otherwise relatively boring final game.

The most-talked about moment of the 2014 FIFA World Cup wasn't Germany's win on Sunday, though. It was the country's blowout over Brazil in the semifinals, when the team beat the host country 7 to 1. Germany scored the first five goals of that game within 18 minutes.

But the most humiliating outcome for host country Brazil, a win over Germany by Argentina, didn't come to pass on Sunday night. Instead, Germany came away with the 2014 title, in spite of having one of its star players, Sami Khedira, sit the game out after injuring himself while warming up for the game.

But Argentina still played a great game, led in part by a performance from its star player, Lionel Messi, who wound up winning the Golden Ball, a recognition for the best player of the Cup. And Argentina also got its time to shine on Twitter — or at least Rodrigo Palacio did. Or at least Rodrigo Palacio's hair did.

1. The Miley Cyrus

2. The Tarzan

3. The Anakin Skywalker

4. The Mushu

Even Ian Darke commented on Palacio's rattail.