Cara Delevingne Caraoke Love Video Shoot Is…Definitely Colorful

What could be better than Cara Delevingne, candy, and karaoke, you ask? All three combined into one very amusing Love Magazine video. This delightful mash-up was brought into being as a result of Creative Director Katie Grand, the magazine's Fashion Editor Phoebe Arnold, and photographer Liz Collins's uniquely idiosyncratic visions, which created a video absolutely filled with candy that somehow isn't saccharine in the slightest.

The video opens on a mid shot of Cara Delevingne almost unrecognizable in polka dot camisole and a transparent plastic raincoat, her green wig bedecked with peonies. The model reposes on a sea of pastel candies, and does a bit of karaoke/caraoke to the tune of LL Cool J's "Control Myself". For those who feel like singing along (and trust me, you will), the song's lyrics are provided in Japanese and English. As if the video weren't adorable enough, tiny retro animated figures including a rainbow-wigged dog and a teddy bear cupcake flit across the screen. If there were ever any doubt that Ms. Delevingne rocks just about every endeavor she tries, this video provides an absolute contradiction. It is refreshing, to say the least, to see a model not only appearing as if she's having fun on shoot, but actually eating something. How's that for a sweet start to your week? You can check out the full video over at Love Magazine's site.

Image: Fashionista/Twitter