Rapper Takes Port-a-Potty Break Mid-Concert

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Rapper Arian Asllani, aka Action Bronson, recently felt nature call during a concert, so he did what most people wouldn't do: He walked into a port-a-potty, shut the door, and urinated (hopefully)...whilst still rapping. When the musician emerged from the john, he was met with uproarious applause. You know, kind of like a toddler is during potty training. Wonder if he got a sticker or some M&Ms to boot?

The incident happened on Saturday while Bronson was performing his song "Shiraz" at the Ottowa Bluesfest. And while it's hard not to give the rapper a hat tip for possessing the impressive dexterity of being able to pee in a smelly, cramped space while rapping into a mic, it's also hard not to wonder: Could this really not have waited? He was kind of in the middle of something important. That said, it's certainly better than urinating on the crowd, as many rock stars have done in the past.

Judging by the plethora of empty lawn chairs, I'm guessing the musicfest was super laid-back, so Bronson just felt comfy going to the bathroom in the company of his fans. But let's hope the person who used the microphone after him had it sanitized. I can't imagine that thing made it out of the port-a-potty completely unscathed.