Sydney Leathers Authors A Guide To Seducing Politicians Via Sexting For xoJane

The introduction to Sydney Leathers' xoJane post "Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner Sydney Leathers Reveals Her 10 Secrets For Seducing A Politician" reads like a bizarre parody.

The rest of the piece doesn't get less strange, but it is, um, quite instructive. Here are the most interesting revelations and gems from Leathers' longwinded post:

Anthony Weiner thanked Leathers every time she had an orgasm.

"Who thanks someone after an orgasm?" she asks her audience. "You have to be prepared to keep a straight face in awkward times. You basically have to be in campaign mode."

Sydney Leathers for President, 2016.

Weiner admittedly makes some great cultural references.

At one point, he messaged Leathers, "did you let a boy take off your party dress? (h/t elvis costello)," which might herald the first time an h/t was ever used in a sext.

In another instance, Weiner told Leathers she had been MIA, and not the "overrated Sri Lankan rapper."

Anthony Weiner labeled one of his dick pics "Hangin'."

Leathers referred to the two explicit photos he sent her as a security blanket, so there's also that.

Sydney Leathers is not the most self-aware when it comes to hypocrisy.

"Politicians are the biggest attention whores you will ever meet," she writes. "Tip #7: Give him more attention than he's ever known from a woman. Tell him he is sexy, and be specific about why he is."

Did we mention she wrote this a day after the first clip of her porn film was released?

Although I'm not a fan of the "attention whore" moniker, something about pots and kettles and name-calling and black comes to mind...

At the same time she was sexting Weiner, Leathers was sending photos of herself to a "bored, rich" and "horny" non-politician.

Leathers never hooked up with him, but did send him photos. In return, "He would PayPal me sometimes. Like, 'Here's 600 bucks,'" she writes. She would then use the money to buy things she thought Weiner would like, like negligees and lacy thongs.

Leathers also instructs those looking for a similar pictorial love triangle not to "be too proud for selfies."

Noted: Selfies. Anyone have a Post-it?