These Creative Facebook Covers from a Reddit User Will Make Your Day

Are you as bored of using Facebook as I am? I've been clicking idly around the popular social network for 10 years now and it's rare to see anything truly interesting or novel. Facebook introduced "cover photos" quite a while ago — 2011, really? — presumably to give users another opportunity for self-expression and personal branding. Unfortunately, most of the people we know have only managed to post poorly-cropped photos of their pets, ancient bridal party lineups, and the very worst of all, terrible text-based memes.

But check out this great find via Adweek: a young woman named Nikki (a.k.a "RubberDogTurds" on Reddit) has staged a delightful series of profile photos that coordinate with her pop-culture cover photos for maximum effect. She chooses an awesome cover photo and then stages a profile photo actually featuring herself to match seamlessly.

We love Nikki's mockup from The Room, an early-2000's, now cult classic budget film that everyone basically loves to hate. Let us hope that it's only a photoshop job, and that our girl Nikki didn't have the misfortune of having to play football with oddball director/protagonist Tommy Wiseau in real life.

Here we have Nikki's Breaking Bad set of photos, naturally:

In a bit of a throwback, here's an unreferenced scene from Jurassic Park (please tell me all of you are old enough to have seen it?):

Last but not least – Star Trek, so much nerd cred:

For the rest of Nikki's awesome work, hop on over to her imgur.

Images: Courtesy of RubberDogTurds / Imgur