Now Your Apps Are Fat-Shaming You Into the Gym

Sticking to a workout regimen is hard. I should know — I've been trying to drag myself to the gym at my college for the past two years. I can count on my fingers how often I've been successful. But maybe, just maybe, if I had a cute guy reminding me how grotesque my body looks, I'd finally muster the energy to get off my ass.

But probably not. I'd actually probably dump him for being an asshole. But, apparently, that's just me — at least that's what the creators of Nenshou! For Girls seem to think. The new Japanese exercise app, which is set to be released this month, uses insults to shame women into exercising. As Cara Clegg at RocketNews24 explains:

In “Nenshou! For Girls” three gorgeous guys will give you the old carrot-and-stick treatment to encourage you on your weight loss journey. While you exercise, you can also enjoy a burgeoning relationship with one of the cast of ikemen (hot guys) who has been so romantically insulting you.

There are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to begin.

Considering that research has proved fat-shaming to be an ineffective weight loss tool, the argument for the app is baseless. I also think that the underlying assumption behind the app's creation is fundamentally sexist. The designers wrongly assume that the goal of weight loss for women is not fitness or health but to attract men. Even more infuriating? The fact that the designers think this sort of abusive behavior is acceptable because the app users are overweight. So, only skinny women are deserving of respect? Please.

To add insult to injury, the original, male version of this app (Nenshou!) featured pretty anime ladies, supporting men's weight loss through encouragement and compliments. I find it interesting that such care is given to coddle the male ego while women's self-esteem is entirely discounted. Refreshing.