Prince George at 18 May Be "Hot," But He's a Baby Now, So Let's Not Sexualize Him

Want to know what Prince George will look like when he's a teenager? According to The Sun he'll be a "hot heir." The British tabloid hired an illustrator to make a mockup of what the Prince would look like at 18 and it's the latest example of creepy renderings of celebrity children. Only unlike Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby illustration, it's not to see how cute their kid will be, but to see how hot Prince George will be when he's of legal age.

The creative exercise may have started off innocently, but I think The Sun took it a step too far by calling the illustration "hot." Let's not forget that in real life Prince George is just a baby. Can we not sexualize him, please? It's creepy. Especially when The Sun added the tagline, "We asked a graphics expert to predict what George would look like as a man. Here’s the result (swoon!)"

First of all, 18 is hardly a "man." He may be a legal adult, but most 18-year-olds are still kids just figuring out their lives.

Prince George is not even one yet. We don't need to age him to 18 and sexualize a toddler. Instead, let's enjoy the image as a cool mashup of Kate and Wills, rather of someone to have a crush on.