A 'OUAT' 'Frozen' Spinoff Series Is a Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Bad Idea

C'mon, ABC. It's been a long few months, since Once Upon A Time aired its Season 3 finale, complete with Disney's Frozen cliffhanger. Since then, OUAT announced the casting of Frozen leads Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff and Elizabeth Mitchell as a unidentified, villainous addition. And, even though I love belting out "Let It Go" while I cook dinner and shower and drive my car, there's one thing I just can't get behind — a OUAT Frozen -themed spinoff series on ABC. Because that's simply a no good, very bad idea.

On Tuesday, E! reported that ABC President Paul Lee had announced that there might be a Frozen spinoff of OUAT in the works for the network. And, as a Frozen and OUAT fan, I cringed at the possibility. Yes, the fairytale series' creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, are brilliant, but no one will ever forget the well-intentioned flop that was Once Upon A Time in Wonderland's first and only season. There's also plenty of other reasons why this is just a truly horrible idea — almost as horrible as some of those "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" covers on YouTube.

Lee seems to have no reservations about the idea (nor does Bustle's Kadeen Griffiths), confidently expressing his faith in Kitsis and Horowitz's imaginations and asserting that it's definitely not too soon to utilize this valuable, snowy asset. But still, I'm not convinced. Here's why.

This Great, Potential Elsa Storyline Would Die

Elizabeth Mitchell's casting opened up a huge discussion of wild theories and questions, some of which included: Is Anna dead on the show? Is it possible for there be two Elsas? Will this Frozen spot will be nothing like the movie? And the greatest combination — Anna is dead and there will be two Elsas would be totally lost if a spinoff came into the picture. Because what would a Frozen spinoff be without Anna? And no one wants to watch an entire series that takes place in an already-established by OUAT past. That's just ridiculous.

What About The Actual Frozen Sequel?

I know, OUAT will do something new, transcendent, and surprising with Disney's material. But what about that hyped-up Frozen sequel? Fans have been calling for it since Idina Menzel's Elsa belted out her first "Let it go," a spinoff series would completely dry up any well. And I can't see Disney being too happy about that — I'm excited about this OUAT crossover, but not more than I would be for a Frozen sequel.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland

When Wonderland was cancelled, it came out that Kitsis and Horowitz originally intended the spinoff to be a miniseries to air during the mid-winter hiatus on ABC. Well, that didn't happen and the series, while ambitious and with potential, flopped and got an awkward, abrupt ending that was wildly unsatisfying.

These Characters Will Already Be Established

Wonderland started with all new characters in an all new location and it still didn't work out. With Frozen, we're going to be introduced to Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, get their backstory, and see them develop into full characters. If OUAT is already getting all of that out of the way, what the heck is a OUAT: Frozen spinoff going to have left? Virtually nothing.

There Is Such Thing As Too Much Of A Good Thing

We all love Frozen but, I'm sorry, Lee, you need to just let this one go. At least for a little while.

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