Juan Pablo Galavis & Nikki Ferrell May Have Broken Up & If So, It Was Definitely His Fault

In news that will shock exactly no one, sources are saying Bachelor stars Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are officially done. The gossip started shortly after the world's least likable reality star was seen getting cozy with a raven-haired woman in Atlantic City at the Pool After Dark party at Harrah's where Pauly D was DJing. 'Twas a high-brow affair. I'm guessing President Obama was there somewhere, but managed to keep a low-pro. The woman Juan Pablo was supposedly flirting with is Ang Cottone -- and if you've no clue who Ang Cattone is, good for you. She's a "MILF mom" who, on Howard Stern's show, fought Tan Man. So, basically, she's our generation's Grace Kelly. Anyway!

According to TMZ, the Bachelor star recognized Cottone at the party and invited her into the DJ booth, where he allegedly asked for her number. Unsurprisingly, JP is trying to act like nothing happened, but the photos of he and Cottone don't really make for a good case.

Things naturally progressed to, where else, Twitter, where Nikki Ferrell jumped in, saying that Juan doesn't exactly seem like Cottone's type, referring to Cottone's song and video entitled, "I Like Black Guys." It hasn't officially been confirmed that the pair has broken up, but it certainly seems like there's trouble in paradise -- which works out nicely since Ferrell and Galavis are currently filming Couple's Therapy.

Nikki? Juan? We all think it's time. Just end things already. You lasted longer than anyone ever thought, so you win. But if you stay together for the sake of proving the masses wrong, the only ones who lose are you.