Chris Geere of 'You're The Worst' Is Actually the Best — 5 Pieces of Irrefutable Evidence

While he may play a sort of awful person hooking up with an equally awful partner, You're the Worst star Chris Geere is anything but. The new FX show, which aims to be the opposite of a rom-com features Geere alongside co-star Aya Cash as two intimacy-challenged Los Angelenos as they jerk each other around in a sorta-kinda-but-not-calling-it-that relationship.

While Geere's character Jimmy may be a self-involved writer, there's plenty to love about the real-life Geere.

Here we showcase our favorite reasons why he's way more likable than his persona on the show.

Image: FX

He Totally Wins At Cameos In His Wife's Videos

We’re imagining he’s not the backup dancer most singers would request on tour, but the way he spices up the video for “Next to Me” by his wife, songstress Jennifer Sawdon, is enough for us to bestow this Worst star with the ‘best’ label. (If you’re impatient just skip to the one minute mark to catch the cameo).

Image: Jennifer Sawdon/Youtube Screenshot

He Thinks "Breast Is Best"

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The actor, who rose to modest television fame in the UK with his show Waterloo Road, joined his wife in supporting a “breastfeeding buddies” program at a local hospital. After the birth of their child, Geere’s spouse Sawdon had difficulty adopting the feeding practice, until she received help from the hospital’s infant feeding program. In gratitude, Geere and his wife returned to the hospital to honor women who had successfully completed the buddies program.

He Makes A Super Sexy Santa

Given his U.K. star status, it’s no wonder British mag NOW asked Geere to pose in their “Sexy Santa Special.” While they use the idea of “Santa” pretty loosely (it’s mostly Geere in Christmas-red Diesel underwear), we don’t mind. If you’re aching for more, you can check out the behind-the-scenes video for additional holiday-themed footage and shots of a stylist gingerly trying to affix gift wrapped presents around the scantily-clad actor.

Image: Now Magazine/Youtube Screengrab

He's A Stickler for Manners

Don’t you dare forget your etiquette around this guy, because he will certainly take his indignation to Twitter. Bonus points for use of the word “nobhead.” Also, who are these thank-you-less monsters roaming the streets?

Image: chrisgeere/Twitter

He's A Supportive Friend

Great roles flying his way doesn’t mean Geere is ready to abandon his friends. He can be spotted in the sidelines of the UK version of The X Factor donning a blue shirt alongside other supporters and cheering on his friend Jamie Archer as he works through a rendition of “Sex on Fire.” Though his friend love isn’t relegated to the sidelines — they throw some social love back and forth,too.

Image: Jamie Archer Official X Factor/Facebook