She's Got a Crazed, Geographically Challenged Fan

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! I have some rather eerie news that will make you grateful to not be a celebrity or a member of an old-money institution family. E! Online reports that a Massachusetts man stalking Katy Perry broke into the Kennedy residence. Yes, that Kennedy residence. The man claimed to be delivering a gift the singer, and was also dropping by to pay John F. Kennedy a visit. Yeesh! I’ve never had a crazed fan of my own so I can't speak from experience, but this definitely sounds like crazed-fan behavior to me.

James M. Lacroix, 53, was placed under arrest when found in the Kennedy mansion in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, on Tuesday night. He was charged with breaking and entering, and is currently being held for arraignment at the Barnstable, Massachusetts Police Department. Lacroix was found when police paid the estate a visit at the request of Edward Kennedy Jr. Kennedy called the house earlier in the evening to check on his teenage son when a stranger, allegedly Lacroix, answered the phone. When the cops finally arrived, Lacroix was hanging out on the couch, just reading a book. It was at this point that Lacroix revealed he was looking for Katy Perry, as well as the long-deposed former president, stating that he had a present for Perry. *SHIVERS* Here's the Kennedy house, where Katy Perry was most certainly not present Tuesday night.

And the most insane part of this whole circus? Kennedy's 16-year-old son knew that Lacroix was just hanging around the house way before the cops showed up. Sure, the Kennedy compound is likely filled with various faceless nobles who buzz about the grounds, but really?! The kid actually mistook the intruder for a family friend who was just crashing at the pad for the night. Reportedly, the boy had an “extensive and interesting” conversation with him, which is how talks with crazy people generally go. I just don’t understand how the fact that this dude was looking for a pop star and the teenager's deceased relative never came up.

Moving on to how Katy Perry should feel about this whole mess... She's currently in Canada, nowhere near the incident, and has yet to comment on the event. Given that this man had an ominous-sounding "gift" to give her and was additionally looking for someone who was famously assassinated, I would be rather spooked. It sounds like this fellow has completely lost touch with reality, and unwrapping that unnamed present is something I would pass on. However, she can take comfort in her legion of body guards whose job it is to prevent her from harm. Also, this guy sounds like he's not the best at finding out where people are. Massachusetts and Canada aren't exactly around the corner from each other.

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