These 'Game Of Thrones' Sigils For Every State Will Make You Wish The U.S. Was Westeros

We should really all be very glad not to be living in the Game Of Thrones universe. Sure, there may be dragons — but everyone you love is also about 500 percent more likely to die very young and in unthinkably gruesome ways. On the other hand, if we all lived in Westeros there would be dragons . You can see the conundrum. But we don't live in Westeros, we live in the non-fictional world, and for many of us that takes place at least in part in the United States. But what if we could make the U.S. a little more like Westeros, but without the gruesome death part?

Unfortunately one Imgur user's decision to design sigils for every U.S. state (and territories like Guam) still doesn't include dragons. But what it does include is a narcissistic excuse to click through all the designs to find (and judge) your home state's. Did you get a badass lightning bolt, like Florida? Or just some boring colors, like Alabama? Is yours as terrifying as the hammer-with-a-nail-attached one Nebraska's got, or is it aiming more towards inspiration, a la Alaska's stars?

I've said it before and I'll definitely say it again: The Internets will just keep working until they've crossed Game Of Thrones over with absolutely everything. This time around that thing is the United States. You can see a few of the designs here, and the rest you can click through over on Imgur.

Images: anthonybooyay/Imgur