Scented Jeans Are Something You Can Purchase, If Smelling Like a Fruit Salad Is Your Thing

If the last time you pulled on your favorite pair of skinnys and thought "Boy do I wish these jeans smelled like apples instead of boring ole' denim!" was this morning, I have good news for you. Fruit-scented jeans exist. You can buy them. I'm not sure why you would, but that's neither here nor there.

Colette Fragrance jeans are the brain-child of Portuguese fashion brand Salsa, whose creative director must have loved Bonne Bell LipSmackers back in middle school. According to the website, the jeans have a medium waistline and a slim leg, but none of that matters because they smell like fruit. The jeans are each colored in accordance with the fruit scent they exude — blueberry jeans are blue, lemon (YES, LEMON) jeans are yellow. You get the idea.

Salsa claims that the scent is slowly released by mysterious "microcapsules" that have been developed using mysterious "innovative technology" and will last up to 20 washes. Once the fruit odor has worn off, you're left with a pair jeans in a washed-out shade of pink or mint green. No word on whether the "innovative technology" helps these pants actually look cute with anything.

Look, I love fruit. Fruit is tasty. I wouldn't even mind smelling like fruit. That's what fruit scented perfumes, body washes, hair products, and lip balms are for. But I do not need my ass to smell like a blueberry. UK website Stylist asks, "could scented clothing be the answer" to smelling sweaty and gross in the summertime. No. "The answer" is called deodorant and it's a lot cheaper than Colette Fragrance jeans.

Images: Salsa