'Big Brother 16's Zach's Twitter Wasn't Clean Enough for Producers

I’ve been suspicious that CBS and the producers of Big Brother have been working hard to avoid a scandalous/racist/awful season of Big Brother like last season, ever since Season 16's contestants entered the house. After Caleb’s Instagram account was discovered to have some controversial content, which has since been deleted, and Big Brother decided not to show any of Caleb’s comments regarding Amber not loving him back (seriously man, move on), most of my suspicions were confirmed. Any last doubt I had was completely blown away when Zach made a comment about the show's production explicitly telling him to clean up his act.

On Wednesday night, during a late night chat between Caleb, Derrick, and Zach, the guys got on the subject of Twitter. Since entering the Big Brother house, Zach has been outspoken and not shy to speak his mind. It only makes sense that his Twitter would be the same way. According to Big Brother Leak, Zach said to Caleb and Derrick that, “production told him he had to clean up his account before he went in the house.” So what was so bad on his Twitter? I decided to do a little snooping on his account to see what it was like. And it proved to be, well, sparse.

Turns out, Zach’s Twitter, must have been pretty bad if he had to delete essentially the entire account. All that's left are two retweets, and one sad tweet from April 2012. Let us explore, starting with Zach's own tweet.

And then the two retweets.

So, he obviously likes sports and can’t spell swag, unless he intentionally was trying to add some swag to the word swag by spelling it “sawag” (did that make sense at all?). But what really peaks my interest is what is missing from the account, and that's basically everything. Must have been something Big Brother didn't approve of.

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS